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"Clean, we mean it!"



There are 3 simple ways to do business with A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC:

 Referral: Being referred by another entity, you automatically qualified for 10% discount for a ONE singular cleaning, and 20% off for the first      cleaning followed by a consecutive cleaning scheduled.

Solicited: As first time customer, you automatically qualified for a 10% discount, and illegible to earn some coupons to use for the following service.

SubscribedBy accepting terms & Conditions of our subscription program, you become a VIP Customer. Your benefits are not limited to:

1. Emergency Cleaning Priority shall be executed within three hours time frame period,

2. Beside your monthly fees 14.99, your labor hourly rate is only 19.99 and illegible up to two service requests every month. After using your 2 qualified special prices, the third service request and up will have a $4.99 discount of the regular price 29.99 for Residential, 34.99 for Non-Residential, and 39.99 for any boat related services. As a friendly reminder, such prices are for 1 hour per labor. Otherwise, No hidden fees or extra charge will be added.

3. You may unsubscribed any time before the following month starts to avoid additional fees. Also, keep in mind, you will be back to normal rate which is 29.99 labor hourly rate.


- Arrival of Cleaning Team Members: Our team members shall be present on site at least 10 minutes prior the scheduled time of service. It is preferable that the person contact to be present also at the first cleaning visit. Therefor, any appointed representative (at least 18 years old) in site shall be announced 2 hours before the arrival of Cleaning Team members. 

NB. for recursive cleaning services, the access code of gated communities, and alarm password for after hours cleaning business are necessary. We do not have control of the weather or driver careless along the streets. If running late, you will be the first to be informed about it.


1. Space Conditions, A quick tour of the place is necessary to get familiar with the DOs and DONTs. Any pets shall remained in cage or in a private room. Any cat leather boxes, hazardous chemical, materials, tools or weapons shall be removed and placed in a designated area where the cleaning team won't be exposed to. Any member of the cleaning team, reserves the right to stop the cleaning process until appropriated measure is taken accordingly.

2. Valuable Objects, In case of a deep cleaning, valuable objects not limited to vases, frames, antiques materials and so one, are subjects to determine their conditions before and after dusting. If the position of such objects is at risk, A2Z Pro Cleaners team members reserve the right to avoid cleaning them. 

3. Incident Report, Incidents are unpredictable. Our team will take all measure necessary to avoid them. Therefor, in case an incident occurs, involving one of our team member or not, our office (561-543-4386) shall be informed as quickly as possible for follow up. Any claim, of nature broken or missing objects, reported 5 hours after the cleaning crew has left the premise, may be relief of responsibilities if there is no sufficient prove that one of our team was involved in the incident. On the other hand, A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC is fully insured to transfer the claim to its insurance company for further assistance. The object in question may get fixed or replaced.

4. Customer Responsibilities, in the premise, someone (18 years old at least) needs to be present during all the cleaning process. Customer shall provide to our cleaners Power Outlets (electricity), water faucets to connect our hose as needed. At the convenience of the customer, per his requirements, our team may use customer's vacuum, mop, and broom as requested. To do so, the customer's equipment needs to be in good working conditions and cleaned; Therefor our team will not be responsible for any damage equipment occurring while using it. Our team is only responsible to clean them before leaving your property. Otherwise, A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC will use its own cleaned and safe materials to accomplish the job professionally.

5. What comes next when the cleaning is over? You or your appointed representative will accompany our team leader to appreciate and enjoy the service results. At that time, all requirements, claims, or feedback are expected. You shall verbally or manually notified about any complementary services you may need not limited to plumbing, electric, ac or appliance repairs. As, we have connections and partnership with companies and handyman, we could save you Time and Money. click ETGO for details.


Since cleaning is a very personal and human service, we realize that occasionally an area may not be cleaned to your satisfaction. We are unable to offer a refund, but A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC will happily re-clean any area that you are not satisfied with. Just let us know of any issues or concerns within 24 hours of your cleaning and we will do our best to make it right.


1. Free, before 24 hours, In your busy life, we understand that things come up suddenly. So, if it is necessary to cancel or skip your scheduled service, A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC merely requires a ONE business day notice. If notice received less than 24 hours, or if we can not access your home, a one time convenience fee ($50.00) will be withdraw in you CC on file or subject to charge in the following service scheduled.   

2. Early termination consequences, Termination of regularly scheduled cleanings must be in writing. Recurring service is priced at a discounted rate. Should you choose to cancel recurring service after only one cleaning, please note that our regular One-Time Cleaning charges will apply.


1. Residential Cleaning Payment Policy, rather it is one time or recursive cleaning service, the payment of the invoice shall be paid in full at the end of the cleaning provided. A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC reserves the right to not receive personal check as form of payment, but accepts all the following: Cash, Credit or Debit Cards, Online Payment Portal or PayPal. No additional tax fees for Residential Properties.

2. Non-Residential Cleaning Payment Policy, at the end of cleaning, an electronic invoice will be sent to the customer's email that will allow him to proceed with the payment automatically online within 2 minutes. Method of payments could be made Online, Credit or Debit Cards, PayPal account, or Company Checks. Therefor, any past due payment that exceeds 10 days is subjected of a flat convenience fee of $ 19.99 additional. Also, keep in mind, that your invoice will include your service fees and tax fees required by state. Please, if you have a tax exempt certificate, communicate it to us, by providing your certificate number, so we could adjust appropriately your final prices. 


Generally, our service providers work in teams of one or two. Please note that, when more than one person is assigned, the quoted time required to complete the job, which was given in labor hours, is reduced. For example, if you were scheduled for a five labor-hour service and two service providers are assigned, the total in-home cleaning time is two and one-half hours.


A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs is opened 24 hours Monday through Saturday. We are closed on Sundays and Holidays.  Therefor, if a customer has an emergency like leaks that causing flood in the house, we can arrange a special mission to pump out the water at a special price. Otherwise, if a customer has a cleaning request for Sunday or an Holiday, he or she will be contacted for reschedule.


Feedback, Since cleaning is a very personalized and subjective service, we need your feedback to help us improve our service. Please take a moment to visit to offer your comments. We value your opinions and your feedback is essential for us to serve you better. 

Google Reviews, If you were really satisfied with our cleaning service, we are encouraging to go on google and write Reviews about A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC, express your satisfaction then, 50% off will be applied on your next billing cleaning service.


A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC never requires you to tip or to leave a Thank you Card, but welcoming your generosity to our cleaning crews. Tipping our crews is a tremendous way to appreciate their effort and commitment. Also, without expecting such appreciation at every cleaning completion, your designated cleaning crews will remain, happy, friendly, and energizing.

BREAKAGE/LOSS (Section 11)

Our company is fully certified, insured and bounded. Please, review Section 3.3 for more details.


A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC uses high-quality, tested, and approved cleaning supplies, including a professional-strength vacuum cleaner with an extra-strong filter, to clean your home. However, if you own special products that you would like to have used on particular surfaces, we are happy to accommodate your request. Please Section 3.4 for more details.



Your security is a priority at A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC. To provide credit card security and keep your personal information safe, we use Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology, via PayPal and Quick Books online, the most widely used data encryption coding system for secure e-commerce transactions. All of your information is encrypted (scrambled) prior to being sent over the Internet to our system. To protect your information once we receive it, we place it on systems behind secure firewalls, which are communication-management computers designed to keep information safe and inaccessible to other Internet users. If your browser doesn't accept the SSL technology, transactions will not be permitted.


We collect only the consumer's domain name (where possible), aggregate information on what pages consumers access or visit on our site, and information volunteered by the consumer - such as survey information and/or site registrations, name and address, telephone number and the email addresses of those who fill out the estimate form.

The information we collect is used to improve the content of our website, customize the content and/or layout of our web pages for each individual visitor, and used to create service estimates.

With respect to cookies: We use cookies to store visitor’s preferences, and record past activity on our site in order to provide better service when visitors return to our site. We also sometimes use cookies to deliver targeted ads to past visitors of the site on 3rd party vendor sites such as To opt out of these ads please visit your browser’s ad preferences manager.

With respect to security: We have appropriate security measures in place in our physical facilities to protect against the loss, misuse or alteration of information that we have collected from you at our site.


Submitting an estimate request and/or calling A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC to request an estimate are treated as an opt-in to receive service related follow up and information from A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC.

If you supply us with your email address you will only receive communications related to A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC related service and product offerings.

If you supply us with your postal address you will only receive periodic mailings from us with information on promotions, services or upcoming events.

If you supply us with your telephone number you will only receive telephone contact from us with information regarding requested services.


How do you opt-out of receiving future communications?

If you do not want to receive e-mail from us in the future, please let us know by contacting your local A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC office or by sending us an e-mail at [email protected] You may also unsubscribe to future emails by clicking on the unsubscribe link contained within e-mails you receive.

Additionally, if you do not wish to receive postal mailings or phone calls, please let us know by contacting your local A2Z Pro Cleaners & PC-Net Repairs LLC office or by sending us an e-mail at [email protected]